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Weekend sand dune fun on the BMW 1200GS #shorts

Weekend sand dune fun on the BMW 1200GS #shorts


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These agility & skills courses/exercises are designed to help develop the fundamental riding skills of clutch, throttle, brake and active balance by the rider.

Precise practice in coordinating these techniques can lead to instinctive/reflexive actions by the rider and allow for more precise control of the motorcycle.

Mastery of these techniques allows the rider to more smoothly transition the bike when cornering as well as being able to react reflexively when encountering unexpected changes in surface traction in off road conditions.

Depending on your skill level, you may want to make the courses larger to feel more comfortable while you develop these skills.

Performing these exercises carries a risk of dropping your motorcycle which may result in damage to you or your motorcycle. Always be sure that your bike has the proper crash guards and that you also wear the appropriate protective gear.

All information presented on this channel is for informational & entertainment purposes only and is not intended to serve as personalized advice. The content on this channel is not intended to replace a relationship between you and any coach or trainer with whom you have an established relationship and has not been created for any particular individual. Contacting us via the comments section does not establish any type of professional relationship between you and us.
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