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This Guy is Hilarious  #fail

This Guy is Hilarious #fail


So Gio was at the top of the hill and all of a sudden Andrew & Ricky hear „wo wo wo” and see the 1984 Honda Atc 200m crash rolling down the hill and gio chasing after it. It sure was funny to watch but he bent his forks and broke the plastics a little. worst part is we weren’t even filming we only have the aftermath. #shorts #newvideo #funny

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GoPro 9 — https://amzn.to/3CZQ42T
Bear claw tires 25/12.5/9 — https://amzn.to/3kwkHq7

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@AndrewsAction 1985 Honda ATC 250sx
@Giovanni.0320 1984 Honda ATC 200m


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