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Tai gali būti geriausias kada nors pagamintas keturratis!

Tai gali būti geriausias kada nors pagamintas keturratis!

Ultimate 4×4 1 dalis Kaip ir daugeliui šiais metais, aš norėjau nusipirkti naują keturratį. Norėjau važiuoti bet kur-4×4, bet kuris, manau, nusipelno mano sunkiai uždirbtų pinigų ir kurį keturratį galiu padaryti savo Ultimate 4×4? Mano pasirinkimas yra nieko gero, tai yra Yamaha Grizzly EPS SE. Štai kodėl pasirinkau tai, kas gali būti geriausia kada nors pagaminta keturratis – Yamaha Grizzly. Tai yra mano naujos „Ultimate 4×4“ vaizdo įrašų serijos 1 dalis. Nuo kroso lenktynių, GNCC varžybų, darbo pareigų kieme, važiavimo taku su draugais iki 4000 mylių kelionės nuo kranto iki kranto Trans American Trail – Yamaha Grizzly daro viską. Mano galutiniai 4×4 atnaujinimai, skirti „Yamaha Grizzly“ (sąrašas vykdomas): plastikinė slydimo plokštė (autentiškas „Yamaha“ priedas): PN: B16-F84N0-V0-00 Galinė griebtuvas (autentiškas „Yamaha“ priedas): PN: B4F-F85E0-V0-00 Priekinio šepetėlio apsauga / buferis (autentiškas „Yamaha“ priedas): PN: B4F-F84L0-V0-00 „Yorwe“ neslystanti sugriebimo juosta:

3M Super 77 purškiamasis klijai:

XCEL neopreno putplasčio vairo paminkštinimas:

Šiame vaizdo įraše naudojama muzika: „Padėk savo pinigus man“, „Arcade Fire“: youtube.com/watch?v=dHC6I7v-1Pc Tuff Enuff, „Fabulous Thunderbirds“: youtube.com/watch?v=EcXT1clXc04


34 komentarai apie “Tai gali būti geriausias kada nors pagamintas keturratis!”

  1. When those others ask me why I got a Yamaha (2000 Kodiak 400, 2020 Kodiak Limited Edition EPS, 2020 Grizzly X-TR) I just tell them "because out here Bears rule" <– die hard Yamaha guys will remember that .. lol

  2. So I’m looking at the grizzly really hard, I keep hearing that the EHS air box and tuner are a must however would I be fine without these upgrades? It would be nice to purchase without having to instantly install aftermarket parts to make it good. If it’s as good as everyone claims then should’ve have to Install that stuff asap.
    My main concerns are the air intake I’ve read some people have ruined motors with dirt entering the motor.
    My other concern is the motor running lean. Will this affect it in the long run or at different altitudes? can anybody sway me address these concerns? I

    I’m trying to decide between this and a kingquad 750, So far I haven’t seen any issues with the KQ. Is the extra MSRP for the Grizzly worth it?

    Thanks for any answers

  3. looks nice, hoping to get a cfmoto or tgb (which is the closest dealers) in the future, but also thinking about if it worth getting one, im not the handy-type so not sure about fixing the atv

  4. Love all your videos on the Grizzly! I have a 2018 and it's everything I want. I have Honda's, and Polaris quads and everyone fights over who is gonna ride the Grizz. My sister is buying a 2022 Grizzly in the coming weeks. I'm definitely gonna do the upgrades you have shown all of us. Love from Ohio!!

  5. Great testimonial and feedback on your initial ride and race. I agree on the reliability for Yamaha. It extends far and beyond just the Grizzly. I have a 92 Timberwolf and 98 Big Bear at 29 and 23 years old these things just keep coming back for more.

  6. 100hp doesn't matter when it's always in the shop, have a polaris with not even 800 miles on it and literally nothing works. Stop buying junk put these horse shit companies out of business.

  7. Rather spend 15 for Polaris or Can-Am then 10 for a Yamaha that I'm not going to be happy with six months after I get it horsepower sales when nothing else does love Yamaha if they are nowhere close to the Quality technology a Polaris and Can-Am spend the extra money life is short

  8. Thank you so much, great video, awesome information. I've been constantly going back and forth between Grizzly and Can Am, Grizzly and Sportsman… I think I have a good idea which way I'm going to go

  9. Thank you for the time you took to make this video….I subscribed….. looking forward to the other videos….,speaking of looking, I’m trying to find a grizzly 2021….. dealers out of stock around Atlanta….will find one yet!!!!!

  10. I have a 2018 With almost 7000 miles on it . only issue was the 4wd / 2wd switch was acting up at 6000 miles . I took it apart and cleaned it up , re greased and its good to go . Just many oil and diff changes. Needs tires soon lol. Still the originals.

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