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SEGWAY SNARLER AT6 570cc 600GX Pirmas žvilgsnis ir pirmasis važiavimas!

SEGWAY SNARLER AT6 570cc 600GX Pirmas žvilgsnis ir pirmasis važiavimas!

Keturračių rinkoje atsirado naujas varžovas. SEGWAY SNARLER AT6 ATV! Esame pirmieji žmonės JK, įsigiję Segway Snarler AT6 570cc keturratį. Šiame vaizdo įraše pateikiame visas specifikacijas ir informaciją apie šį puikų naują priedą keturračių ir keturračių rinkai! Jei patiko šis video, spauskite LIKE 👍, palikite komentarą ir pasidalinkite vaizdo įrašu su draugais! Sveiki ir sveiki atvykę į Machinery Nation YouTube kanalą (anksčiau vadintą Hayes Machinery). Esame čia tam, kad sukurtume linksmus vaizdo įrašus, kuriuose naudojami visų tipų įrenginiai. Šiame kanale rasite palyginamų vaizdo įrašų, produktų apžvalgų, iššūkių vaizdo įrašų, restauravimo projektų ir daug daugiau! PRENUMERUOKITE „Machinery Nation“, kad galėtumėte mėgautis įprastais vaizdo įrašais! 🎬 – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLHehM-Fh0wiDZEi-XXd3Gg

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44 komentarai apie “SEGWAY SNARLER AT6 570cc 600GX Pirmas žvilgsnis ir pirmasis važiavimas!”

  1. If you subscribe you could be in with a chance to win lots of prizes! In every new video we will be picking one lucky subscriber to win! We will be starting this very soon so make sure you watch our most up to date videos!

  2. Quad bikes are for going slow on farms.
    Not impressed by the shenanigans in this video. If an untrained newby bought one of these quad's for their newly acquired country estate and tried to ride it as shown here then they'd die pretty quickly. Most deaths from quad's on farms are usually idiot city people who are untrained and whom have no idea about quad safety.

  3. Hello!
    Nice vid.
    Just wanna say this, if you get any of these back for service whit a rattle in the exhaust, its cuss The first part of The pipe coming from The cylinder is to long on The inside towards The first exhaust muffler. So in the split whit two spring loaded bolts, the pipe continius and that needs to be cutt down about 5mm to stop it from touching The inside of The muffler so that The rattle stop, most Will think heatshields but this is worth looking in to if you did not know it already.
    Best of Regards from Finland, hope it helps. 🙂

  4. This has been a very entertaining first video of yours I’ve seen. I’ve been looking for a supplier of the Ego mowers here in Devon and found your channel after seeing you listed on the Ego website.

  5. I like some things and I don't like others, Atv are becoming to flashy for offroad. I love to see competiton and new atvs. How much it costs?! I think price will decide its future.

  6. Really surprised you made this video, and bought the snarler, I really love the design and I am considering to buy the hybrid version of it or of their UTV also coming out… Shame you didn't go with the hybrid one (I guess they are not available yet), looking forward to more content about these!

  7. well that is some machine looks a lot more stable on the road than most bikes out there one thing thou there is not much protecting the front grill but wow most impressive by the way is the hand grips heated 👍👌 (By the way you need the curb levelled off ha ha)

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