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Franzo Josefo ledynas Naujoji Zelandija (VAŽIAVIMAS KETURIU DVIRAČIU aplink Franz Josefo ledyną)

Franzo Josefo ledynas Naujoji Zelandija (VAŽIAVIMAS KETURIU DVIRAČIU aplink Franz Josefo ledyną)

kas atsitiko vaikinai!! Sveiki sugrįžę į kitą vaizdo įrašą!! Šią savaitę vaizdo įrašas yra Franzo Josefo ledynas Naujoji Zelandija. Tai buvo netikėta pasivažinėjimas keturračiais, bet TAIP verta, buvo labai smagu ir verta pinigų! Franz Josef yra tiek daug dalykų, kuriuos reikia padaryti, jei turite klausimų, palikite juos žemiau! tikiuosi, kad jums patiks šis vaizdo įrašas! Nepamirškite komentuoti, pamėgti ir užsiprenumeruoti mano kanalą, kad nepraleistumėte nė vienos serijos, kaip visada, pasimatysime kitą pirmadienį, Peace, Travelkiwi darau?? – @Travelkiwi97 Franz Josef ledynas Naujoji Zelandija


45 komentarai apie “Franzo Josefo ledynas Naujoji Zelandija (VAŽIAVIMAS KETURIU DVIRAČIU aplink Franz Josefo ledyną)”

  1. This is so awesome!! What is the name of the company that does this tour?! The fact that you go thru the forest, and then that open area and you can see the glacier… this is so fun! Bummer about the heli ride canceling till the next day, but bonus the quads were available! See you soon! 👋 Ashley from Adventure Encounters

  2. Hi guys! Loved this vid – we're new here and we're so excited to watch your other adventures. The quad adventure looked EPIC we would totally love to do this. Sorry the trip didn't work out with the helicopter but hopefully you were able to head out the next day!

  3. Hi TravelKiwi! I saw you on RV on the Wayside last night. Came over to visit. Wow! what a beautiful place this is. I just told my wife mark that on the bucket list. That looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful spot and fun video. Have a great evening and stay safe. Roland & Beth @ Getting it Done North 😀f 7

  4. Wow! If I'm ever in New Zealand, I'm coming to see you guys! Seriously, you find the most fun things to do! I have never been Quad Biking… so cool! The landscape was definitely breathtaking! Hope you guys were able to get that helicopter ride!! 🤗

  5. We love how blue the water gets in NZ. Nowhere like it!
    We were lucky that our helicopter ride at Fox Glacier didn't get cancelled when we where there. Seems like cancellations are quite common. Quad biking looks like heaps of fun! Glad you made the most of your time there 😃

  6. Oh no!!!! Those darn clouds. Way to make the best out of it!!! You girls are extreme – love it. The 4 wheelers is pretty cool and looks so fun. I was just telling my wife how beautiful New Zealand is. You got some nice shots in this trip.

  7. Hey guys! Sorry we have been quiet. We have been moving house and literally haven't stopped 🤪! YAY TO 1000! Well done guys! So happy for you both. Ohhhhh my goodness! What a nightmare with the helicopter ride but quad biking instead? You two are living the life!! This looks right up our street. Lovely video ladies 🧡

  8. Quad biking through the nature and muddy puddles looked great fun! Hope you get to go on the helicopter tour but in the meantime this was an awesome way to spend the day! Beautiful shots too, congrats on 1k subs as well! 🥳

  9. Damn what a shame about the helicopter!!! But quad biking!!! How awesome 😁 Yessss this is the bit I noticed on the trailer that I wanted to see!! The quad biking through the rain forest! So awesome 😊 The rain forest looks so beautiful! What an unreal experience! Can't wait to see what else this road trip has in store 😁😁😁💙💙

  10. WOOHOO! Congrats on hitting 1K!!!!!!! YOu deserve and have earned all your success. We are so excited for you. Please let us know how many watch hours you need for your 4k? The helicopter thing was a little bit of a bummer. However, the quads looked like fun. You two are having so much fun and doing so many exciting things. Those views are just breathtaking. We are really enjoying your journey! ❤️👍👏 Donovan & Jodi

  11. Awh no sorry about the helicopter ride but looks so worth it!!! Love your Energy and also this look so fun going though all the puddles!! Looking forward to the next one!!! Oh wow look at that glacier!!!

  12. This was brilliant! Loved the facts and also how beautiful the scenes are!! Iv put this on my list when I come! You are both always so happy and it’s so enjoyable to watch 🙂

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