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CFMoto CForce 500s ATV apžvalga ir palyginimas

CFMoto CForce 500s ATV apžvalga ir palyginimas

Įsigijome šį CFmoto keturratį su įmantriais dalykais, tokiais kaip vairo stiprintuvas, degalų įpurškimas ir elektriniai stabdžiai! Kuo jis lyginamas su kitu ūkyje dažniausiai naudojamu keturračiu? Mes tau pasakysime! ATNAUJINIMAS: Kažkoks išgalvotas mokslo žmogus pabrėžė, kad aš klydau dėl dalykų! Geltonas mygtukas užfiksuoja priekinį diferencialą kartu (ne galinį), CVT yra už dangčio DEŠINĖJE mašinos pusėje, o EBT reiškia… kažką apie stabdymą. Aš pamiršau. perskaitykite savo vadovą.


26 komentarai apie “CFMoto CForce 500s ATV apžvalga ir palyginimas”

  1. Hello Micah , greetings from South Carolina ! I liked your video and look forward to more. Check out my series … E-PA OHV Adventures.. like & subscribe please! Happy Trails ! By the way , I ride a CF Moto also .

  2. Got the same four wheeler I love it you said the first 10% really can’t throttle it that much mine was like that for the first month and then it got worse the first 10% was like 20 mph and then got up to like 60

  3. Hi Meika (eastern Europe?) I like to thank for the little info-clip and yes, I am considering to purchase the exactly same one in a bit more shady color if possible.

    Do I need it? Heck no, could I have some use for it? Yes I think so, stretching a fence line or
    pulling mesquite on the 20 acres or going hunting or whatever I am certain that once you have that nice machine, you're gonna use it here & there quite often .

    No, I do not have to buy one just because my neighbor (one mile east) purchased two of them, one Can-Am and one Polaris and no, I'm not going to spend 25K just for some toys
    and yes, I have made up my mind and, if I ever buy one, will go for the CF 500.

    Okay, that's enough for today, drive careful and good luck with your projects.

  4. I really love the blue color cfmoto have on some of their models.
    In USA you have 500 and in Europe we have 520. I bought my 520 back in 2018 and I can't complain how good it is, and now during winter I use it for snowplowing my driveway.

  5. Just like the one I bought last year my first ATV ever at 45 , Looked at Hondas Polaris , I don't like buying things from China but as you have said every thing is made in China , even harleys , I owned three Harleys , I agree about this cfmoto I pulled many stumps small ones as well have towed a trailer with said logs at my fathers and my land . It's a beast , I'm up north have a plow on it as well it's a beast when plowing. Love mine .

  6. “I do have a great point of reference for how much money I don’t have” 😂 priceless and so true! We can all wrap ourselves selves in the flag and preach “buy American!” but our roads are covered with non-American vehicles and our homes are filled with “made in China” That’s just how the world works when you are not a millionaire!

  7. Hi, nice review sir.
    Yes the CV tec clutches are made up here in Canada. 🇨🇦
    You can rest assured that they are top notch. They make cv clutches for all kinds of vehicles including snowmobiles.
    As mentioned the yellow lock button is for your front differential. You will probably find the steering is heavy when it’s locked on dryer ground.

  8. Nice review….but yellow button locks the front end. The rear is locked all the time. The CVT clutch is on the right side of the machine….not the left. The EBS stands for Engine Braking System. It's a one way bearing integrated into the primary clutch. Overall these are great quads. These are the only chinese made ATV's that rival the bigger name manufacturers. You'll find out how nice it is as you use it more and more.

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