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ATV vs SXS?  Nėra konkurso SXSs Suck!

ATV vs SXS? Nėra konkurso SXSs Suck!

Matome komentarus, tiesiog norėjome viską išdėstyti, kodėl keturračiai nemėgsta SXS!


40 komentarų apie “ATV vs SXS? Nėra konkurso SXSs Suck!”

  1. The low skill required for sxs makes it easy for people not familiar with off road etiquette to get on the trails. Then you end up with idiots in sxs going 50mph around a blind corner on a two way trail. I was always worried about this when I used to ride dirt bike. One thing I never had to worry about on a snow mobile

  2. Absolutely 100% correct broh. Hard for young beginners to learn how to ride, or enjoy the ride rather, because of all the ruts and massive mud baths. The trails will never be the same after these monstrosities come roaring through. This video should be VIRAL #BESTVIRGINIA

  3. Dude they do TEAR UP THE TRAIL WAY TO MUCH.. THE RUTS ARE DEEP AS HELL.. that's leaves people like me nursing there at or UTV over it while being off of it at times.. it sucks.. still fun to ride though

  4. A lot of your points for SxS's also go with ATV's. At least here in Canada. We have lost access to large sections of trails due to ATV's going off the trail, ripping up farmers fields and ruining it for all. Very seldom here are the SxS's doing this. What I think is being overlooked is a lot of people who are getting SxS's are at the age where our bodies cant survive long trips on an ATV. When i was younger absolutely but now to do a 200km trip is too much on an ATV. I think both ATV's and SxS's do some stupid stuff like way oversized tires, loud sound systems and stupid/crazy lights. its all part of showing off to others. There are bad points on both sides and if EVERYONE would just learn to respect each other then i think everything would be much better.
    This was still a fun video to watch. Keep up the great videos.

  5. I agree that sxs’s bring a different dynamic but the same could be said (and was said) about quads in the late 80’s and early 90’s by dirt bike riders. Even today, go to Croom (west central Florida) and you will hear 2-wheel guys complaining constantly about atv’s on “their” trials.

    The garbage left on the trails and loud music with a cuss word every two seconds is a real problem. SxS’s are the primary culprit, but atv’s riders aren’t blameless. I see plenty or quads with loud music and beer coolers strapped to the back. You could argue that an atv with a rear seat, sound system, cup holder and a beer cooler is just as bad. Perhaps you would argue that it’s just an extension of the sxs culture….and you would probably be right.

    To be fair, SXS Involvement (at least in Florida) has had some positive impacts as well. I live in Tampa and I own 215 acres in Marion County (north central Florida). For years I only rode on my property but in the last 15 years there have been at least 7 different private off road parks/resorts opened within 2 hours of me. These “resorts” are largely funded by drunk idiots who don’t drive over 8 MPH and listen to hardcore rap music (you are a 39 year old white guy who is 85 pounds overweight, can’t dance, and cannot relate whatsoever with anything that is being said in those songs). YOU LOOK STUPID. PLEASE STOP. ALSO, TAKE OFF THAT CHEAP NECKLACE AND PUT ON A SHIRT.

    That being said, those places sometimes do offer good/decent riding ;especially in the mornings) that simply would not exist without the economic opportunities created by the sxs market/culture.

    Have riding areas been closed because of loud music, rutted trials and garbage? YES. However, have new off-road opportunities opened up because of sxs’s? YES.

    It’s not as simple as you make it. Great video by the way.

  6. I’ve went from a Polaris predator 500 to a rzr and I wouldn’t go back for anything. Always been and atv guy and i still love them, but the SXS is just the way to go for us.

  7. Gawd damn, anything that killed out the trx450's and the kfx450s….I so hate the three foot deep ruts too…iv got 30's on my kodiak 700 and there shouldn't be any hole I couldn't hit and very possibly make it thru…but honestly, there are more holes I cannot hit than I can….and these guys that bought a side by side 3 years ago, most all of them or torn up so bad they dont even run anymore, so they fucked my trails up and dont even ride anymore in a matter of a few years…smh…what's the world coming to these days

  8. Hahaha. Did you just join the off-roading community? You basically just described mudders and rock bouncers from the 70s,80s and 90s. Atv’s have always been for broke fucks who can’t afford an actual rig and are too afraid to ride a dirt bike. You sound like the bicyclists who wear tights yelling at MTB guys. The video was a good laugh though. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

  9. I have a Turbo RZR and truthfully I agree with everything you said. I started on a Yamaha Grizzly and would still be on it if it wasn’t for my back. They are so much more fun. I’ve been saying for sometime that the side by sides are destroying the trails. Just like society in general these days there isn’t any respect for your fellow rider.

  10. Absolutely, I am part of a family style club in Central Minnesota. Back in 2005 when we started the club it was all ATV'S and one dirt bike. Know it's all side by sides and 4 atvs. Guess who has the ATV'S?
    I recently got rid of a Teryx4 and got a Grizzly. You loose to much of what makes riding fun with SXS.

  11. The last time I went riding the whole place was 99% SxS with drunk drivers blaring rap music all night in the woods. I sold my 4 wheeler and went back to riding Harley’s. I can handle the sxs ruts and drunks but rap music in the woods makes me want to vomit 🤮. That includes so called “ country rap” too.

  12. This is awesome.. go spend $30+k for a plastic golf cart that's driven by a rubber ban and spend $15+k to make them safe and dune ready to roll them, get stranded due to a broken rubber ban and catch on fire within a few hours after spending tons of $$$$.
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. end of the day, people will continue to purchase crap. 😂

  13. Awesome content as always and some interesting points. Keep hammering out the ATV content. Something we know we need to do more of. Also, that cinnamon whiskey line had me on the floor 😆

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