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ATV UTV paprastas ašies nuėmimas tinkamu būdu – DALYKITE TEISINGAI!

ATV UTV paprastas ašies nuėmimas tinkamu būdu – DALYKITE TEISINGAI!

Lengvai nuimkite ATV UTV ašį ir darykite tai teisingai, kad nesugadintumėte bagažinės! „Demon“ ašys ir kita, kurią galite įsigyti čia, Powermodz. https://powermodz.com.


38 komentarai apie “ATV UTV paprastas ašies nuėmimas tinkamu būdu – DALYKITE TEISINGAI!”

  1. Mine was very tough on my 2013 Polaris 6×6 Big Boss. I snapped some vise grips extra tight mid shaft on the inside of a raised spot then used a slide hammer I rented from Napa for free with a CV “fork” adapter on it that I bought for $25. I ended up snapping two pairs of grips on it and had to work at it with solid, even hits and finally it broke free. It had been soaked in PB blaster for days too. Good luck to any of you doing this task.

  2. Not me. Not worth the extra messy job and frustration to change and repack boots when I can quickly, easily, and less mess just change the axle and have both boots new. Axles are around $80 to $90 and that's with both new boots ready to go instead of his $40 messy one boot replacement hassle. Just my opinion.

  3. My kawasaki mule 3010 makes a squealing noise when the 4×4 is in gaged. Only makes this noise when the vehicle is moving. The noise is coming from some where in the front. When the 4×4 is disengage, the squealing sound goes away 5 seconds after 4×4 is disengage. Anyone has an idea what is causing this noise?

  4. Appreciate the video and tip! I’ll be doing a new video while doing my can-am outlander 800r rear axles (since I don’t know how long the boots have been busted since I bought it used) and the least troubles I have, the better!

  5. Hey there. Thanks for the video and the tips. I have an 05 polaris sportsman 400 and my axel won't come out like that lol I have tried many times and it just won't budge. Any other tips would be vantastic. Thanks!

  6. I’m one of those guys that screwed up his axle yanking on it. My clip nearest the cv “cup” and rear end let go and put dropped 6 or so steel bearing balls! Now. Is it possible for me to reassemble to cv joint? The cup is stuck, you’re the first person I’ve heard address the issue and I believe you said to knock it out from the other side, after pulling the other axle? Thanks. Hope you see this, my machine is down. 😞

  7. Much easier to replace the complete axle than the boot in the field. There is no "clean" quick and easy way to replace boots without work bench, tools, cleaning solution, etc. I would carry a replacement axle instead for harsh treatment of the utv.

  8. carry extra boots on the trail? so you stop everything to remove the axles and everything on the trail just to replace a boot? How do you catch it in time before you toss a bunch of crap into the joint and ruin the joint? It doesn't take much exposure to the elements to ruin the joint. Just continuing to ride and order a new axle is what I do, by the time the new axle arrives my joint is toast but at least I was able to ride it the whole time I waited. Problem is now I'm buying too many axles so I just need a better way to protect the boots.

  9. I did the same thing you just did and the shaft cam out of the inner joint and now I can not get it out of the dam thing !!!!!!!!!!! trying pry bars but it still not coming out of the dif …………….. dammit …………….

  10. Why put that pressure on the inside joint when you can use a tool to pop it out from between the diff and the axle? I just did this yesterday and it took less than a second to do it the real correct way.

  11. Should you drain the differential oil before removing the axle? I pulled my axle to change a torn boot and noticed about 2 tablespoons of oil dripped out. Do I need to re-fill the differential with oil after I replace the axle?

  12. okay first of all they do not come out that easy. Sometimes you get lucky. On my Arctic Cat four rear axle came out after I disassembled the CV joint and we moved all the grease then I reassembled it gave it a pole and it came right out. At the moment I cannot remove the front axle. I pulled off the end CV joint pulling so hard. so now I don't have anything to hold on to accept the axle shaft itself. So I'm going to get a couple of u-bolts and attach a chain or cable to the shaft. then attach a 50 lb dumbbell to the other end. Hopefully with the extra weight it will come out. Imagine, I've deadlifted 775 lbs and I can't remove the axle. Wtf

  13. Where is all the seized axles videos to show guys that don't know how to remove. Vs the axle that's already been out to show proper removal…
    I believe it would help alot of ppl to give them an idea what happens when it's seized…

  14. that's what I get for not paying attention I guess my bad sorry about that. the boot was already torn off and I thought you did it by yanking the CV axle. and then I opened my mouth. My bad sorry!!! Good news is I watch all your videos and always get something from them. Thanks for the good work!!

  15. This is true for I believe just about every 4 wheeler Except arctic cat white axles. Keep that in mind. They put what is a positive lock cv axle that will not let the axle pop out if it was to get into too much angle. You have to hold the axle straight, push in on the axle which moves a pin that releases the clip. Then you grab the inboard side and pull it out while keeping pressure inward on the axle. It is actually a really good design for axles that are at a big angle. No accidental falling out. Great video by the way

  16. you pulled the boot off and I'm sorry I don't mean to diss you but you did that completely wrong. You get two pry bars or two Hefty screwdrivers and put them in behind that CV axle in between the case and the axle shaft itself and kind of do a scissor action with the screwdrivers on each side of the axle input shaft . you push one pry bar and you pull the other to kind of do a scissor action and it keeps the pressure on that CV axle consistent all the way around and it pops it off real easy-like. Again no disrespect but you did that 'completely" wrong!! now you got to get that boot back on there and that's a pain in the ass. But, since it's open you don't have to clean it up but not a bad idea but add grease while you're there.

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