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2021 m. raptor 90, skirtas Braxton

2021 m. raptor 90, skirtas Braxton

Braxton pagaliau gavo naują raptor 90! užsiprenumeruokite, kad netrukus pasirodys daugiau vaizdo įrašų!


40 komentarų apie “2021 m. raptor 90, skirtas Braxton”

  1. It’s fun seeing tiny kids happy I just purchased my first big fourwheeler and when I saw when we went to pick it up I was so happy so happy for this little kid u never know what a fourwheeler would for a child!

  2. Had a Honda trx 90 when I was about this boys age, best time of my life, only issue I ever had was getting high Centred but than can be fixed easily.

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